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Our pledge to each patient is to give them the very best quality of care in attaining weight loss goals, based on each patient's needs, by employing compassion and encouragement along with the latest in techniques.

Our practice offers a unique individualized approach to obesity treatment, depending on each individual's needs. We do not feel that one type of diet plan will fit all patients. We also provide you with excellent primary family care.

In some cases, we can also utilize mesotherapy techniques to help minimize the amount of excess skin after weight loss. We concentrate on each patient's needs, by employing compassion and encouragement, along with proven non-surgical therapeutic modalities in obesity treatment.

Our office:

  • Associated with the American Society of Bariatric Physicians
  • Attention towards all medical problems related to each patient, and not just to weight management.
  • We provide a very warm, relaxed, and inviting atmosphere in our office, making patients feel welcomed and comfortable.
  • Our friendly staff members go out of their way to attend to each patient's needs.
  • Our punctuality and flexibility in scheduling allows minimal wait times for patients.
  • We offer reasonable fees given the level of services provided.
  • Some of our most asked about procedures: Individualized Diets, Dietary Counseling, Medical Weight Loss, Behavior Modification, Medical Bariatrics.


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